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Çin Shenzhen Vios Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Sertifikalar
Çin Shenzhen Vios Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Sertifikalar
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" Your LED display is working excellent and our governments are very satisfied with your screens. " Mr Jorge Gomez Torres, Columbia, AlfaCom SAS, Grou

—— Mario

I recommend this seller Viso and give 5 stars, hight quality and fast delivery." Mr Marcelo Gaete Crichton, Chile, GRUPO 3G LED LTDA.

—— lucky

"Viso Display Technology Limited is an amazing company, I always buy a lot of LED displays from them." Mr. JUAN CARLOS ALFARO, Trujillo, Peru. ALAC OU

—— game

" My partner and I visited Viso factory in 20th - 25th July, the workshop's environment is very good, the Outdoor P10 Full Color LED Screen 320sqm gav

—— sony

"We strongly recommend you Viso's LED video wall Screen, perfect products." Mr Marc OSSWALD - C.E.O. in France, Europe. LED Winlight International.

—— tongy

Vios Rubik küpü (manyetik) P3.91 Avrupa'da bir beysbol perdesi için kullanılan özelleştirilmiş kutu (500mmx500mm) 6KG, müşteri kullandıktan sonra etkisi çok iyi.

—— Viliat

Avrupa'da bir buz hokeyi stadyumunda kullanılan Vios özel, tavan ekranı P3 LED ekran, iki yıl kullanılmış, etkisi çok iyi! Çok kararlı 1

—— YAhuh

  • Üretim hattı
    Dört tam otomatik üretim hattımız ve aylık 40000 metrekarelik üretim hattımız var.

    Üretim Ekipmanları ve Tesisleri

    Fırça Yapıştırma Makinası DTL 8
    SMD Makinesi SAMSUNG 12
    Reflow Lehimleme Makinası LY-8 8
    Bantlama Makinesi DT-300 6
    Otomatik Geçmeli Makine DT 3
    Vidalama Makinesi SUJE 5
    Otomatik Püskürtme Makinesi Bilgi Yok 2
    Dalga Kaynak Makinesi LF-350 2
    Otomatik Yapıştırma Makinesi Bilgi Yok 1

    http: //

  • OEM / ODM

    Q1: What's the pixel pitch for Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Screen ?

    A1: Indoor&Outdoor Pixel Pitch 1.6mm to 100mm


    Q2: Where is it used for?

    A2: Indoor & Outdoor rental use. Widely used for backdrop of staging event, rental business, liveshow, concert, etc.

    Q3: Can it play HD video?
    A3: Yes, it can realize HD video function with Novastar Or Linsn controlling system.


    Q4: What's the controlling system?

    A4: Our standard controlling system for this model is Novastar. Also support other controlling system, like Linsn, etc.


    Q5: How about the size of project?

    A5: Please offer the size with "width by height" of project. We wil offer the suitable solution for your project size. I will appreciate it if any drawing files about installation offered.


    Leeman Display Technology Limited

  • Ar-Ge

    R&D department has 9 years LED experiences, 20pcs professional engineers, from design PCB circuit ,to make new product, investigate new LED product , each year to add 5 -8 kinds , 15-20 model series .


    Our R&D group is made of more than 8% of total employees and most of them are senior technicians, with more than 10 years’ experiences in the LED field.
    Products : Combination with practical and aesthetic, technology and art.
    Technology : Develop patent led display control system within 5 years.
    Patent : Emphasize authentication for international invention design,deeply developing international market.


    Test Equipment and Facilities
    LED lighting aging box
    1, LED lighting aging box , is for LED lighting test
    2, LED lights need test 72hours continuous
    3, LED lights test standard is conform to Standard IEC60598


    LED module trim machine
    1, LED module after pouring silicone , need trim by machine
    2, LED modules trim machine , can improve viewing angles , brightness , flatness

    LED module drought table
    1, LED module silicone glue 's thickness 3-5mm
    2, LED modules need drought , after pouring into silicone glue
    3, LED modules need 3hours drying in the air , air-condition, cooling fans

    LED modules test bracket
    1, All modules need aging test at least 72hours
    2, Any module test voltage 5V direct current
    3, Test standard conform to CE standard IEC60950


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